What’s the deal with energy efficient vinyl windows? Are they really worth it?

If you are a homeowner, you may be interested in energy efficient vinyl windows. A big benefit of using them is the fact that they put money right back into your pocket via savings on heating and cooling costs. These savings go beyond lowering your annual heating and cooling costs. In fact, not installing these modern windows will cost you money every month and every year in heating and cooling costs. Although initially they will cost you a bit more than standard windows, they pay for themselves within the first few years you enjoy them in your home.

If you’re thinking about new construction or renovation, then you really want to think about the efficiency of your windows because installing them in lieu of standard windows means you will also enjoy a reduction in your heating and cooling loads during peak times. When we talk about peak loads, what we mean is the maximum requirement for cooling and heating at a given time. HVAC experts use these loads to decide what size unit you need in your home. That means the size air conditioner, furnace and heat pump, and also what size fans are needed. Thus, a smaller peak load means you can consider the installation of a smaller system. Smaller units mean less money out of your budget. Having the right size system is important because it impacts the humidity levels in your house, as well as the comfort and quality of the air in your home.

Even in an existing home, energy-conscious windows make a big difference in your budget and your comfort. When your windows are cold from the frigid, windy winters of Toronto, the inside of your house becomes drafty as well. This is because the air right next to that window becomes cooled by the transfer of the cold glass. That cooled air drops to the floor, creating a draft. And when it’s sunny and warm, the direct light coming through your window can overheat people, furniture and the floor. The exposure to the direct sunlight also fades indoor surfaces. Instead, protect your precious possessions and finishes because these modern windows are coated with a UV coating to increase energy efficiency and comfort.

Cold, inefficient windows create condensation and frost inside your home. This is because the glass drops below the dewpoint or frost point. Energy efficient vinyl windows, however, have more temperate interior glass so there are no concerns regarding condensation and frost inside your home. On cold and windy Toronto winter days, that efficiency will make a big difference. You maintain the light and view you want your windows to provide while not enduring the solar heat gain inefficient windows provide.

You can get these windows in many styles: sliding, casement, awning, double-hung, fixed, and hopper. So whatever style home or personal style you have, there is an energy efficient vinyl window for you. So you don’t have to sacrifice design for energy efficiency. With all the advantages, why would anyone choose standard windows for their home?