Patio Doors in Toronto

Patio Doors

The appeal of patio doors goes beyond the expanse of light and warmth they can add, but they can also provide access to other parts of your home, such as screened in porches or sunrooms, balconies, and verandahs. Even in the cold dead of winter, the more-than-a-window patio door is a great feature to make your home stylish, functional, and have great resale appeal.

Choices of patio doors depend on the function you are trying to meet. French Patio Doors large glass paneled doors that open in to your room, or out to an additional room or alcove. This choice is also suitable for interior dividers between rooms. They make for easy access to your home’s exterior, patio or pool area. Surrounded and fit with wood or matching details make for exceptional style and elegance. Garden Doors provide the appearance of strength and durability, and give you more control over the seasonal elements. The highly popular Retractable Sliding Door is quite contemporary. Couple with peace of mind and as a more secure option for your home, the sliding door offers function and compact access. Perfect for children to use, integrating doggie doors, and even moving in large items into the home.

Choosing a Patio Door

There is no shortage of selection when it comes to sliding, French, bi-fold and swinging doors. The flexibility really depends on choosing something that complements the home’s architectural style and integrity. This helps define your living space, inside and out. Lifestyle, convenience and, as always, budget, are the other factors to consider when choosing a door. Consider where the door opens onto : an outdoor high traffic area, an interior other room, a small balcony or verandah, a porch, or is the patio door just part of a large wall of windows?

Here are a few tips to help with the selection of the right patio door.

  • Doors that swing open need adequate space to do so without interfering with furniture and natural traffic flow. It a space is tight, consider the use of a stationary panel with a single swinging door.
  • Glass is a major component of virtually all patio door systems and the type of glass chosen is critical to the efficiency of the door. Low-E glass protects against UV fading keeps energy costs down, year round. To provide more privacy, tempered glass comes I a variety of decorative styles. This adds style to the opening and lets in the much needed natural light. Options may also include internal blinds and grills to control the light and views.
  • To keep maintenance to a minimum, consider the materials you choose. If the patio door is the main entrance to your home, it will require much durability. Choosing materials that never need painting is wise. Vinyl, aluminum, clad-wood, and fiberglass will weather well.
  • A wide doorway will provide a stronger connection and wider access to your outdoor living space. Folding patio door systems work well here. Another good option is integrated multiple French doors and swinging doors
  • When considering the right patio door, consider the materials in the siding you have already chosen. It is equally important to your home’s overall appearance and appeal. For example, if you r home is trimmed in wood, such as cedar, you’ll want to use a high-end fiberglass door or solid wood to complement this look. Stylish French doors offer many design options. You can choose the door, accessories and glass to create your overall impression.

To match your garage door, choose a hinged or French door (which is mostly all glass,) rather than a sliding door, which would not give the look of your front entrance area the right balance.