7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Window Installer

Repairs and renovations to your home are important, timely, costly and critical. Cutting corners for the sake of saving money can actually cost more in the long run. Short term fixes such as using caulking or sealant on leaks, or applying weather stripping, may do just that, short term fixing. But to replace a whole window, and to ensure it is sized and sealed expertly, takes an industry professional to eliminate the guesswork, the mistakes, and the potential extra cost it might lead to have the job done again.

Poorly installed windows can end up being the cause of a lot of trouble, not only financially, but also in terms of your safety and security, creating easy entry points for intruders and animals.

Window installation requires a great deal of detailed work. A person trained with a high skill level in this ability is necessary for it to be done properly. Understandably it may be more economical to do this task yourself, but errors are costly. It is highly likely poorly installed windows can cause damage to the structure of your home. If your home is not properly sealed, more problems will undoubtedly ensue.

In the Greater Toronto Area, there are plenty of professionals who can properly install new windows in your home or cottage for numerous reasons:

Equipment – To have a window installed correctly, up to date quality tools are necessary. Professionals know how to properly secure your window systems so that they are airtight and firmly in place.Installing and replacing windows require certain tools that can be pricey if you buy them yourself, which makes hiring a professional actually more economical.

Knowledge – While dealing with a professional on the project of replacing your windows, a professional can inspect other areas of a home – such as the outside walls – for any cracks that can cause drafts or damage to the window frame. A trained professional is often well versed in home construction beyond just installing windows. Understanding energy consumption in premises is a big part of window construction and installation knowledge.

Reliability – Reputable installers will guarantee their work. This will protect you in the unfortunate event the installation causes some problems for you at some point. If the professionally installed window cracks or breaks, or there is damage to the frame, parts or mechanisms, it will likely be repaired or replaced free of charge.

Time – Installing windows properly takes time. If you expect to do this yourself, there will likely be some extra time needed for learning the task and preventing errors. This naturally would be less if you have successfully installed windows previously.

Material removal – Replacing windows means you will have to determine how to remove and dispose of the existing windows. Professional window installers in Toronto, the GTA and all over Ontario will include in their service the removal of old windows and package associated with the replacements. Good craftsmanship also includes leaving a clean work site upon job completion.

Safety – Handling glass has its potential to be dangerous. And since many windows will be in high reaching and awkward places, the task is not without its hazards. Professionals come equipped with the necessary safety equipment and are well trained on how to avoid injuries. They are also trained in how to respond when unforeseeable incidents occur.

Insurance Disputes – This is a reason most homeowners would never think of. Working with a window professional in Toronto, the GTA or Ontario will help prevent insurance disputes should they ever arise. In the event of something like a serious storm breaking or damaging your windows or frames, causing flooding,

an insurance company may claim that the windows were not installed properly and refuse to pay for damages. By having your windows installed by professionals it will be impossible for an insurance company to use poor window installation as an excuse to pay you less money or even disapprove your claim altogether.

Best of all, a professional window installer will answer your questions. It is part of good service to ensure the homeowner understands how the job is to be handled, the materials and equipment used and how much better your home will be after the installation is complete!

Our Professional Window Installers at WindowPlanet will make sure that your new windows are installed properly and you will not see any junk left after their work is completed.